i-NET Building Automation System
Intronics offers a full package for the Comfort & Energy saving system for Building Automation application. Not only on/off control for the lighting and electrical equipment, but it also integrates the thermostats for Air conditioning system. They can be controlled locally or at the central station via a computer or a keyboard. learn more »
Lighting module
Each module provides 4 circuits for the On/Off control of lighting and/or electrical equipment. The relay rating for each circuit is 250V, 10A resistive load.
The thermostat can be used for the fan coil of the split type unit, duct type or chilled water system.
Building Automation Feature
  • Up to 512 thermostats/lighting modules can be controlled.
  • On/Off control for lighting or electrical equipment.
  • The thermostat provides the facility to turn on/off the air conditioner, set the temperature, fan speed and mode of operation (cool/heat)
  • On/Off scheduling for individual air conditioner or lighting module.
  • On/Off scheduling for group of air conditioners or lighting modules.
  • Holiday setting.
  • Data logger and usage time report.
  • Security password to protect the unauthorized person access into the system.
  • Etc.